“I was introduced to the TECHNOMISE program by my supervisor when I was applying to the M.Sc. program. Since my research project aims at designing novel integrative bioinformatics methods using multi-omics datasets to provide a more comprehensive characterization of microbiomes, TECHNOMISE is the ideal training program to allow me to sharpen my skills in bioinformatics and to familiarize myself to the different -omics technologies that are used in current microbiome studies. This unique opportunity provided by the program has allowed me to expand my skill set of research and professional tools to be able to compete in the public and private sector job markets across many science and computational fields.”

 Francesca Barry

“TECHNOMISE is the first training program in Canada that offers an integrated and multidisciplinary approach for in-depth training in microbiome “meta-omics”, meta-bioinformatics and high-throughput functional microbiome assays. I’m hoping to strengthen my research skills in the microbiome, I’m also feeling excited about getting to know what the industries are engaging in on the human microbiome.”

Leyuan Li

“I first heard about the TECHNOMISE program when contacting my supervisors. This is a great opportunity to participate in the development of a newly implemented program at a renowned university, which aims to develop novel techniques to research the human microbiome. I intend to further my understanding of utilizing yeast as a model organism in studying pathogenesis, while also developing technical and professional skills essential for competing in the biotechnology job market.”

Kevin Mercurio

“Microbiome research is a relatively new and exciting field of research. When my supervisors told me about the TECHNOMISE program, I was eager to explore the complex computational problem of applying bioinformatics in a microbiome setting. It’s an especially interesting puzzle because most bioinformatics tools are optimized for analyzing samples from a single species, so being able to apply these tools to samples with many different bacterial species is a challenge I look forward to tackling.”

Alexander Pelletier

“I was informed by my supervisor of the TECHNOMISE program. I did not hesitate because it is an opportunity for me to learn new knowledge about microbiome and to understand the importance of the gut microbiome on modulation of host health.”

Navoun Silué

“When I was first approached about the TECHNOMISE program I was very excited about the opportunity to learn more about microbiome studies, and apply this knowledge to my research.  What I was not expecting was how much I would develop not only technical skills but networking and communication skills as well. It has been very exciting to see each of us students in the program improve our communicating skills with the guest researcher, and specifically our ability to communicate our projects effectively. I look forward to the following few years as we continue to learn, improve, and interact with more students and researchers.”

Alexandra Tsitouras

“The TECHNOMISE program was introduced to me via my supervisor Dr. Thien-Fah Mah. Key components and features offered by the program are the opportunity to master critical skills like building a professional network, public speaking, and a plethora of other communication skills (scientific Poster/PowerPoint presentation, perfecting the elevator pitch, etc.). Those aptitudes are invaluable additions to our graduate education and of particular importance when competing in the job market.”

Caetanie Tchagang