Project Day

Title: Examining Host-Gut Microbiome Interactions In PCSK2 KO Mice Using Metaproteomic Approach. Presented by Dr. Elias Abou Samra.

Title: Optimizing gut microbiome culture medium using an engineering optimization method. Presented by Dr. Leyuan Li.

Title: ProRId: A protein interaction-assisted algorithm for protein identification in mass spectrometry-based metaproteomics. Presented by Francesca A. Barry.

Title: Wanted: Budding yeast in the gut. Dead or alive? Presented by Kevin Mercurio.

Title: Optimizing Bacterial Species Characterization in Human Gut Microbiome using Machine Learning-Guided Mass Spectrometry. Presented by Alexander Pelletier.

Title: Implementation of a Bioanalytical Assay and Bioinformatics Algorithms to Investigate the Microbiome-Modulating Effects of Prebiotics. Presented by James Ryan.

Title: Applying –omics techniques to nitrifying moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR). Presented by Alexander Schopf.

Title: The role of metabolites in Inflammatory Bowel disease pathogenesis. Presented by Laetitia Schramm.

Title: Shigella infection affects the gut microbiota. Presented by Navoun Silué.

Title: Nutrient Removal in Moving Bed Biofilms: Applying Microbiome Studies to Engineering Systems. Presented by Alexandra Tsitouras.

Title: Development of a CF microbiome-based assay. Presented by Caetanie Tchagang.

Title: Evaluation of anammox seeding strategy using anammox free modified MBBR carriers. Presented by Xin Tian.

Title: Impact of SufS on hydrogen sulfide production by the gut microbiome. Presented by Amine Belaouad.

Title: Deciphering T3SA Functional Mechanisms. Presented by Nathaline Haidar Ahmad.

Dr. Daniel Figeys gave the closing remarks of the one week TECHNOMISE summer boot camp.